Connecting Human and Technology

Haptic feedback immerses you deeper into the action and increases your sense of perception.

Connecting Human and Technology

Haptic feedback immerses you deeper into the action and increases your sense of perception.

Haptic Feedback 2.0

This is how the Feelbelt works

The development

of Haptic Feedback


Nintendo Rumble Pak

Nintendo releases the Rumble Pak for the Nintendo 64. The controller vibrates when the player takes damage or fires a weapon. The goal is to achieve a stronger immersion.

Nokia 3210

Cell phones are getting more and more popular. Nokia made a clear statement with its 3210 and 3310 models. Haptic feedback in the form of vibrations (when calling or texting) was already used here.

Playstation 5 Controller

The Dualsense controller allows the player to physically perceive sounds from the game. Gunshots or even driving a car through mud or over asphalt become tangible.

Haptic Feedback 2.0

The Feelbelt is the first product capable of making the entire frequency spectrum of the human ear from 10 to 20,000 Hz fully perceptible.
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Real experiences

vs. digital experiences


Feelbelt transfers the emotions from the digital world to your body
How does it feel to finally beat that game you’ve been obsessed with?
Do you remember the first time you heard your favorite song?
Have you ever experienced the action of a movie up close?
What's it like to be part of your own and unique VR world?
Have you ever had the feeling of deep inner peace & relaxation?

Perceive touch

We show emotion through touch and we experience emotion through touch. Even as children, our first instinct is to touch and to learn. We touch things in order to understand them.

Creating emotions

How do we simulate speed or fear? In the best case, through hardware that gives us the feeling of being completely present in a situation. David Eagleman talks about this possibility in the TED Talk, which the Feelbelt is already using today.

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How it works

Haptic Feedback 2.0


The patented software converts audio signals into vibration signals.


10 pulse generators convert these signals into perceptible vibrations.


The interaction of hardware and software makes sounds tangibly distinguishable.


For a customized experience, you can adjust the intensity of the sound you feel.


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